Holi Gulal
Celebrate the festival of colors with our, safe to use array of Holi Gulal. These are made from natural ingredients like flower petals, herbs, fruits and vegetable extracts.
Holi Colour Spray
Boost up the energy and enthusiasm of people with our Holi Color Sprays. These are safe to use and are available in beautiful colors. The sprays are the lifeline of the Holi festival and are adored by one and all.
Holi Colour Gift Pack
Holi Colour Gift Pack is so designed that you can also gift them to your loved ones as a small token of gift on this auspicious festival. This pack lasts for a longer time and has prcised chemical composition which wont harm your skin. This pack is very cost effective to use.
Herbal Gulal
Herbal Gulal is very much safe and chemical free with a sweet fragrance. This gulal is very skin friendly, completely non toxic and safe for your hairs and skin. This offered gulal is available in huge varieties in different colours for our customers.
Holi Colour Paste
We are offering a wide range of Holi Color Paste to our customers. These have a smooth and silky texture and do not cause any bad effect on the skin of the users. The paste are made from natural ingredients.